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それは、国の事業であるVisit Japan Campaignの成果だろう。TYAは数年前からこのVisit Japan Campaignの入札に参加している。国の入札は競合が多く正直厳しいが、インバウンド系の仕事はTYAが得意とする所で自信がある。外国人に日本の魅力を見せて訪日を促進する。(と言ってしまえば簡単に聞こえるが、問題なのはこの“日本の魅力”をどう伝えるかだ。ひとえに外国人と言っても性格や日本の知識は様々である。未だに日本に侍や忍者が居ると思っているアメリカ人や、日本の伝統や情緒なんて全く興味の無い中国人など。日本人が思う日本の魅力を一方的に見せても、これらのターゲットには伝わらないだろう。


Though it may sound strange to people overseas, only recently have we seen a major influx of foreign tourists to big cities in Japan, including westerners and Asians. This might just be because TYA has done so much excellent work for the Visit Japan Campaigns. For several years, TYA has bid for Visit Japan work, taking the spoils a majority of the time. A tricky feat when you’re pitching against 10 other companies for government funds, not to mention that the process is no easy task, either. A series of success stories in inbound tourist advertising is another skill we are proud to offer.

While the idea of showing off the allure of Japan to people overseas sounds quite simple, creating the right message and visual is often much more complicated. The first challenge is knowing your target. From Americans who even today are moved by images of samurai and geisha to Chinese tourist who have zero interest in Japan’s culture or technology. You need to identify your core target and speak to them about things they enjoy.

Since our beginnings, TYA has always employed a team of creative foreigners, some of which were instrumental in setting up offices overseas. Working in a multi-cultural environment such as TYA, we learn to communicate differently and actually learn to see Japan through different perspectives. It is through this experience and thanks to our overseas network that we are able to deliver creative that resonates with the target, both here and abroad. As the Olympic Games approach in 2020, we seek to become even more involved in ads for inbound tourism.

アメリカ向け for USA



ヨーロッパ向け for EU

香港向け 関東編 for Hong Kong, Kanto

中部北陸編 Chubu Hokuriku

四国編 Shikoku