Bridgestone Turanza Promotion Tool

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Labeling something as sophisticated refers to both high quality and advanced technology. It also reflects the commitment that the manufacturer has in producing a truly remarkable product. Communicating this value to consumers is one of the most important goals of advertising planning.


ブランド広告 Brand Ad


商品広告 Product Ad




For the worldwide launch of their high-end tire brand, Bridgestone wanted a comprehensive creative platform that transcended media, delivering a consistent message in movie, print, web, and more. TYA took charge of both the brand and product advertising for this campaign.

In line with the trend of more for less, the client asked that the video budget be greatly reduced from previous years, while maintaining the same high TYA quality. With a keen eye on cost and quality, we decided to shoot overseas and called upon our production network and knowhow to make it happen. We complimented this with another shoot in Japan and put the whole package together seamlessly. Quality creative and a desire to make things better drove this job to fruition.

ブランドビデオ Brand Video