Toyota Passion & Craftsmanship


この業界でクルマの仕事はとても難しい。なぜなら論理的な思考と創造性のバランスがとても重要になるからです。通常、新車発表においてメーカーはスペックの話が中心で、大企業ほど最先端技術の訴求に偏りがちです。そこでTYAは、今までとは全く違う手法で、新車開発にかかわる人々のものづくりへの熱い想いを紹介するビデオシリーズ、“Passion & Craftsmanship”を提案しました。専門技術を知らないディーラー・ディストリビューターがこのビデオを観る事で、新車セールスにつながる会話ができる内容になっています。取材は多忙なエンジニアやデザイナー方に合わせ、限られた時間の中で行われ、さらにその人の着眼点や発想を絞り出す事が勝負なので、毎回へんな汗をかく仕事です。

When it comes to promoting cars, it can be hard to balance creativity with good sense and logic. When a new car is launched,it’s common to see manufacturers focus on specs and engineering feats — because they like that sort of thing. But we here at TYA think there’s more to the story than facts and figures. That may be why Toyota asked us to create a unique video series that highlights the craftsmanship and intense passion shared by Toyota designers and engineers. We call the videos, Passion and Craftsmanship and through interviews with Chief engineers and developers, we can create a richer experience for the viewer. The videos are primarily used in showrooms and by sales staff and distributors to share in the passion behind the cars. This is woven into their sales talk, which leads to increased sales. Since nothing is scripted, each day is a new challenge, filled with lots of stress and sweat, which makes it even more rewarding.