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We like to say that we specialize in Strategic Creative, and this is even true for board games. While many of the jobs that we do lately are a bit more conservative, we also pride ourselves on being flexible as well as creative. And for this project, our flexibility was really put to the test. We were asked if we could make a TVCF for Indonesia, but with a limited budget. The budget wasn’t limited, it was limiting. But it looked like a lot of fun and was targeted at kids, so instead of thinking about what we could or couldn’t do, we started our creative with what we wanted to do.


A major wall to climb was that since it was a new game, we had to show kids playing it and make it look fun. Of course the client suggested that we shoot in Indonesia with local talent, though we couldn’t even afford a proper shoot in Japan. Realizing that success for the game entailed release in other Asian countries, we tweaked our creative to feature kids dressed as car racers, thereby eliminating the problem of shooting in Indonesia and making the spot usable for other Asian markets. Flexible, creative and inline with the communication platform; three birds with one stone. We even added elements of 3D CG and SE to enhance impact without draining the tiny budget because we knew that it would be better that way. Beyond that, we also insisted on doing NA and MAV in Jakarta using a popular local narrator just because we can. Taking advantage of our local office in Jakarta, we sourced a narrator and recorded the next day.

TVCF 30sec

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