Sony Car Audio Promotion Tool

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グローバルで発売されることの多いデジタル家電。国際色豊かなTYAではこのようなグローバル展開にも耐え得るクリエイティブを打ち出してきました。その一つが、スマートフォンとの連携機能を持つカーオーディオのプロモーションビデオです。どの商品も北米・アジア・欧州などワールドワイドにプロモーショ ンをする中、エリア毎に異なる言語や文化を持つターゲットに対して共通のコミュニケーションを展開するため、難しいクリエイティブ提案が求められます。私 たちは、コミュニケーションを明確にするために、商品の核となるアピールポイントから発想を得たストーリーでビデオを制作し、より強く印象に残せるような ビデオを目指しました。

The trend for digital electronics manufacturers is to centralize communications for global product advertising. With our strong international team and global ad experience, we develop creative that can withstand global deployment without giving in to simplified communication cliché.The international powers of TYA were tested once again in this challenge from our friends at Sony. We were asked to create a single-theme promotional video for smartphone controlled car audio systems to run in North America, Europe and Asia. Creative that works across so many languages, cultures and value sets has to be strong. We proposed and developed a story-based creative strategy that communicated the product USPs with minimal dialogue in a memorable fashion.

ストーリーのアイデアは、一人で考えるのではなく多くの人が関わるのがTYA流。肩書きを越えてアイデアを募る社内コンペを行い、多方向から切り口を模索 し、考えをぶつけ合って答えを見つけます。クリエイター間で刺激し合って生まれるアイデアは、いつも強さを持っています。

For this job, we made the challenge a part of the process and held an internal pitch to expand creative input from all staff because, at TYA, we are less concerned with titles and job descriptions than quality ideas. While effective for developing creative, we often use this approach to stimulate and motivate our team.


In the end, we produced a video that not only communicated the list of product features and functions the client wanted to include, but also packaged them in an entertaining story that appeals to the user’s perspective.


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As an extension of this project, we also make key visuals to help sales companies in local markets in producing, ads, catalogs and websites.