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As the world becomes more and more digital, the way people capture images has changed drastically. With advances to camera technology, just about anyone can capture moments like a pro. And now with HD-camera smartphones, the high-end camera industry is finding it even harder to lure in customers. This camera targets semi-pro photographers. We needed to identify what it is that resonates with the target group. Through the site we illustrated that because you have skill, you wont be satisfied with just great pictures. You need the feel of a real camera in your hands, to take aim and hold your breath as you shoot. This is the moment that makes you feel like a pro. This site is built around that emotional value, communicating the pleasure of feeling like a pro to the target.


Nikon D750 スペシャルコンテンツ Amazing Imaging TOKYO -もう一つの東京-

Pro-Quality Digital SLR
The story for the site features the movements of a professional photographer in documentary style to communicate the emotion of feeling like a pro. We uncovered the fun in finding sudden inspiration or a new discovery in a common location to capture a memorable image.TYA handled all creative direction, composition and design for the site, as well as shooting on location, permits and line production, we even took charge of handing out coconut water to keep the crew fresh and cool in the hot summer sun. Smooth and high quality, total logistics by TYA.