Music Promotion



In advertising, it’s a rare chance when a client wants you to do whatever you want. It allows you to maximize your creativity and generate some good motivation within the company. These are the projects that all creative people want to be part of, even though the money sucks and the schedules are always tight. To get the job done right, we call in favors and even make use of family members. Of course we start with the music, looking for inspiration, but we are not so vain to forget about the target and their desires. While free to pursue our own interpretations, our creative seeks satisfy the band’s fan base and attract new listeners through an interesting package design.


13-CD single set. When they are lined up, a giant catfish appears on the spine.




The package folds into a space ship with a hidden message in alien text. One fan actually broke the code.





A cyborg made of vacuum cleaner and computer parts. When budgets are low, creative has to be smart and flexible.