Konica Minolta Global Magazine

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In 2003, Konica Minolta was born through the management level integration of two companies. While the companies existed in many overlapping industries, they brought different perspectives to the merger and the differences in their philosophies had the potential to become an internal crisis for the new company.
Even before the merger, TYA had a 20-year working relationship with Konica, during which time we built a strong foundation of mutual trust. Thanks to this relationship, we were invited to pitch for their new internal branding magazine, which we won against the 2 biggest agencies in Japan. We handle planning, development, consulting and participate in company meetings to discuss internal issues as a fully committed partner. Together, we have identified and communicated the company’s values and worked to establish the corporate culture. Thanks to our efforts, the internal magazine has developed into a trusted 2-way vehicle for communication that instills a sense of pride in employees. The success of this project has much to do with TYA’s vast experience in external branding and marketing communications.