Konami Game Package

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Game package design is the boss level for graphic design. Space constraints and a wealth of necessary information, logos, technical details and even what the game is about. Oh, and it has to be able to jump off the shelf.

We created the package designs for Winning Eleven, a legendary football game, for ten years. Naturally, as many creators and designer folks are involved on the client side, we faced a constant barrage of requests and suggestions; sometimes requiring 100 versions of the same concept. But despite the challenges and walls we had to crash through, it was the client’s passion and commitment that made this project worth all the effort. The long era that we worked on Winning Eleven was possible not only because of our strong creative, but also because we like to build strong relationships with our clients.

Unfortunately, the appeal of high-quality home video games is losing to the fast food allure of smartphone entertainment. As fans of the genre, we hope for a revival.