JAL Guide to Japan site for international travelers

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JAL Guide to Japan(訪日外国人向け情報サイト)


Japan has become a hot tourist attraction of late. Local tourist attractions are over crowded with the sudden influx of travelers. And since it contributes to improving the economy, we are all for it (even though our office just happens to be next to one, we enjoy the drinking company.) Specializing in overseas advertising, we use our knowhow and perspective to assist inbound travelers as well.


Communicating the charm of Japan to potential visitors is more than a matter of accurate language. It has to be made interesting to their sensibilities and cultural awareness. We introduce the location, explain the experience and even provide helpful travel tips. This job benefits from the unique perspectives of our American and European staff, and as a result of this site, the client image has improved as have online ticket sales. The site was even nominated for the Grand Prize in Web Promotion. This is a tribute to the many people at TYA who made this site a reality, including our companies overseas.