Suzuki XL small car

planning tvcf printad brochure shooting casting

20〜30代の若いカップルから40〜60代の夫婦。え、これ全部ターゲットなの?。。。的が広すぎます。この車の注目すべきは、コンパクトなのに広いとか、小さいのに大容量とか面白い矛盾が多いんです。そこから生まれたのがXL Small Carという世界共通のコミュニケーション手法です。広いターゲット層を相手にするには意外性があって分かりやすいアイデアが必要だし、TVCやグラフィックなど様々なメディアで相乗効果を得るには、シンプルで統一されたコミュニケーションがいいよねってことです。

We knew we were in trouble when we were told the target was young couples aged 20-30, older couples from 40 to 60, and retirees. That’s quite a crowd to please all at once.
Even the main selling point for the car was a contradiction: large, yet compact; small, but spacious. So we decided to start there and developed the tagline XL Small Car. With the need to communicate to a wide target in many markets, we needed a common platform that was engaging and readily understandable, while also being able to synergize across media such as TVC and print.


Using this platform we were able to incorporate everything the client wanted to say. Compact, easy to drive, good handling and acceleration, large interior, spacious cargo, and on and on. While each of the messages on its own was quite trivial, the platform gave it coherence and substance and kept it simple.


If only the rest had been so simple… The shooting schedule changed daily and the number of cuts increased by the hour. We managed to get it all done, even the extra cuts and some inspiration shots on location thanks to good teamwork. The shoot was in Portugal, where the weather was as good as the wine, the meat and the fish. The rap party was a bit too fun and we barely made the flight home. Still looking forward to the next shoot with the same team.


At TYA, we have a lot of experience shooting overseas. We can manage and direct shoots directly with local staff without having to rely on translators or local coordinators. Starting with locations, recces and crew, we can manage talent, permits, stylists, props directly to avoid the huge markup and poor communication of a go-between. So whatever the size of your shoot, feel free to give us a call.