Alsok Promotion Tool



Every year, Olympian Judo wrestler and cult icon Saori Yoshida stars in a variety of TVCFs for security company Alsok. TYA takes care of the print ads and the making of video.Still shooting for the print ads has to be scheduled during takes for the TVCF on the same set. Every year, as the TVCF shoot runs behind schedule, we have to jump in and do a full still shoot without wasting even a second. So with all eyes on us and the air filled with tension, the way you handle the talent and the shoot is critical. We manage to get what we need and add a few extra shots, all while managing to end the sour mood. Beyond the ads, our visuals are also used on the website and on Alsok vehicles across the country.

2013年 安心戦隊ALSOKアドバンス Peace Warriors Alsok Advance


2014年 フラッシュモブCM ステッカー

2015年 ALSOK その想い ステッカー


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